Seasonal tours

Spring is the heyday of nature and this period in Central Asia is considered as the beginning of the new year. Warm weather and flowering trees will give you the most enjoyable tour experience.

Summer is the season of sweet juicy fruits, the time of the festival of melons and watermelons, the days of the hot days and night walks. Visiting Uzbekistan in the hottest months, you will not only take with you a lot of heat and sun, but you will also be able to take advantage of certain discounts.

Autumn is a very popular season for tours to Uzbekistan, the weather is warm and everyone is trying to spend more time in the sun ahead of winter. The sights are full of foreign and local tourists, and the streets are full of schoolchildren and students who have started a new school year.

Winter in Uzbekistan is mostly mild, snow will rarely fall, sometimes for weeks the temperature during the day can be up to 10-15 degrees Celsius. So even during the winter months, you can enjoy a sunny tour without having to worry about other tourists jostling around the sights near you during the photo shoot. After all, winter is not considered a high season for tourism in Uzbekistan. However, we are ready to refute this opinion and prepare an excellent tour for you, both New Year's and just winter.


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Navruz - holiday of spring