Put yourself into the fabulous atmosphere of Khiva -the city of the fairy tale.

The guide will acquaint you with the stories and legends of each place, tell the story and interesting facts, show you the best places for photo shoots.


One day walking tour of Ichan Kala - the inner part of Khiva, surrounded by fortress walls.




In the morning, meet your guide at the hotel and start a walking tour of the city.

  • We begin our excursion of "Ichan Kala" - the inner city-fortress of Khiva - through the main gates "Ata Darvoza". And at once we see the Madrasah of Muhammad Amin Khan, built in 1852 for the residence and education of students, now used as a hotel.
  • Kalta minor (1851) - a minaret located in the far corner of the Amin Khan madrasah. It was originally conceived as the tallest minaret in the Muslim world, its diameter was 15 m and a height of 28 m. But after the death of Amin Khan (1855), the project remained incomplete and its name is translated as "short minaret".
  • Kunya Ark (XVII century) - an internal fortress with administrative buildings, a powder workshop, a courthouse and its own mosque
  • Ak-Sheikh Bobo observation deck
  • Madrasah Muhammad Rahim Khan (XIX century) - a madrasah distinguished by its architectural construction in that it has not one, but two courtyards.

Lunch at the restaurant. After lunch, continue the excursion:

  • Juma Mosque (X - XVII centuries) - the roof of the mosque is supported by 213 carved columns. Thanks to the unique construction, this is the coolest place in Khiva, with excellent acoustics.
  • Islam Khoja minaret and madrasah (1908 - 1910) - 45 m. Height - the highest minaret in Khiva and an excellent place for viewing the panorama of Ichan Kala.
  • Tosh Hovli (1825 - 1842) - the khan's palace, consisting of three main buildings: the coronation hall, the reception hall and the harem.
  • The Pakhlavan Mahmud complex (XIV - XIX centuries) is the most remarkable architectural monument in Khiva with unique tiles. It was built in honor of the national hero, poet, healer and invincible fighter Pakhlavan Mahmud.

Our day ends with dinner at a restaurant.

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Accommodation is not planed for this tour.
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