In one day we will visit all the main attractions of Samarkand.

You will discover the secrets of Timur's tomb, historical facts about many centuries in the history of the city, breathtaking views of the city's best places.


One day tour of Samarkand with guide, transport, meals and entrance tickets. You don't have to worry about anything. Let us make sure you spend this day enjoying the beauty of the city.


In the morning, meet your guide at the hotel and start a city tour.
We will start our tour from the Afrosiab Museum, where we will get acquainted with the history of the city. The museum was created by the ancient settlement of Afrosiab, and it presents unique exhibits found during excavations.
Then we will visit the ruins of the Ulugbek Observatory (15th century) - this is the first observatory in the east with a 30-meter sextant built by Ulugbek to accurately measure the trajectories and position of stellar bodies. All that remains of the ancient observatory is the curved trench of the sextant part.
Visit to the Shahi Zinda Complex (XI-XIX centuries) - the so-called "City of the Dead" will allow us to trace several eras in the development of the city. The complex consists of more than 20 unique buildings of various times of construction.
Siab Bazaar is a modern traditional "oriental" market in Samarkand that surprises tourists with its colorfulness and variety of products and goods offered.

For lunch we invite you to taste the famous Samarkand pilaf!
After lunch, continue the excursion to the main sights of the city.

Bibi-Khanum Mosque (XIV-XV centuries) - a project conceived by Timur as the largest mosque of that time. It impresses with its size and grandeur.
Registan Square (XV-XVII centuries) - the heart of Samarkand. A unique ensemble, consisting of three madrasahs, which were and are the center of the old city and the passage of forums and festivals.
Mausoleum Gur Emir (XV century) - burial place of the Timurid dynasty. A unique architectural monument with an unforgettable blue and blue dome. The famous tomb of Tamerlane is located here.

Dinner at the restaurant - delicious oriental barbecue.

After dinner, a half-hour sightseeing tour of the city, so that you can appreciate the city adorned with evening lights.

In the evening, transfer to the hotel.



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