If you have a free day, we invite you on a one-day excursion from Samarkand.
Shakhrisabz is a "green city", just 90 km south of Samarkand, at the foot of the Gissar and Zeravshan ranges, the birthplace of the great Tamerlane.


Our path will run through the Takhtakaracha mountain pass along a breathtaking serpentine mountain road. You can only cross the pass by cars, which we will do. In the morning the driver guide will meet you at the hotel and we will get to Shakhrisabz in about an hour and a half.

This is one of the oldest cities in the world, according to some sources, ancient settlements on this place already existed by 1700 BC. e. The former name of the city was Kesh, and the current Shakhrisabz is translated as Green City. Alexander the Great, the Arab conquerors and of course the caravans of the Great Silk Road passed here. Amir Timur was born in a settlement near Shakhrisabz and created many rich and magnificent buildings in the city.

Upon arrival we will visit:

  • Timur's palace Ak-Saray (White Palace, 1380-1404), which was largely destroyed, but intensively restored. Only a giant 40-meter gate remains of the huge summer residence, but you can also see magnificent filigree mosaics and samples of wall masonry unique in technology.
  • Dorut Tilovat Complex and Kuk Gumbaz Mosque - this big Friday mosque was built by Timur's grandson Ulugbek in honor of his father Shahrukh.
  • The Dorus Saodat complex was built in 1392 as a tomb for the Timurids. There is a crypt in which Amir Timur wanted to be buried. However, his desire was not fulfilled - he was buried in the capital of the empire - Samarkand.
  • Gumbazi Seidon is a mausoleum completed in 1438 by Timur's grandson Ulugbek, built for his descendants.

Lunch at the restaurant.

After lunch, return to Samarkand.

(We can organize transfer from Shakhrisabz to Bukhara by request)


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Accommodation is not planed for this tour.
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