The Islam-Khoja minaret stands in the east of Ichan kala. It was built according to the order of the chief vizier of the Khiva Khanate - Islam-Khoja. This is the tallest building in Khiva.

The minaret, almost 60 meters high, has a base of 9.5 meters, and it is noticeably narrowed towards the top. At the very top of the minaret, next to the cornice, a place for the herald was built.

The structure, built of baked bricks, is decorated with tiles of a delicate turquoise, bright cobalt, light blue color.

Not far from the minaret, a madrasah with its 42 hujras was built. There is a mosque in the southeastern part of the madrasah under a huge dome. Its facade, as well as the minaret, was decorated with white and blue majolica.