The Ichan-Kala fortress - an inner city surrounded by a wall - is truly a tourist mecca. The size of the relict architectural monument reaches twenty six hectares. Ancient architectural monuments are located at an insignificant distance from each other, since the settlement is quite densely packed with buildings. A two-kilometer-long clay wall, reaching a width of up to six meters and having four entrances with gates facing, respectively, four cardinal points, separates the shakhristan (inside) and rabad (outside).

All the buildings of Ichan-Kala were not created as an integral complex, because they were completed gradually, in the process of the city's life, as needed. But even with all its versatility of buildings, one can see enchanting, varied and picturesque architectural monuments of Eastern antiquity, and the most basic accent can be firmly called the view of an ancient feudal city in an oriental style that is in the eyes of a traveler.

Entering the inner city through Ata-Darvaza (gate from the west), guests of the city will see the ancient fortress of Kunya-ark located to the left, to the right you can see the Muhammad Amin-khan madrasah, in front, a little closer, you can see the majestic Kalta-Minar minaret, and practically in in the center is the madrasah of Muhammad Rahi Khan II.

In the area of ​​Palvan-Darvaza (eastern gate), the Alla-Kuli-khan madrasah and the Tash Khauli palace were built.

Entering the Tash-Darvaza (southern gate), you can get acquainted with such sights as the Shergazi-Khan madrasah, the complex with the majestic Palvan Mahmud mausoleum, and the mausoleum of Said Allauddin, unsurpassed in its beauty and splendor. Also, at the end of viewing this attraction, you should definitely pay special attention to the Islam Khoja mosque and minaret.