The Tash-Khauli Palace (translated from Uzbek as "stone yard") was built according to the decree of Allakulikhan near the eastern gate of Palvan-Darvaza. The ensemble includes both palace and living quarters. A high wall, crowned with battlements, completely hid them from the curious.

Initially, the southern part of the palace was built, it included:

- Arz-hauli - courtyard for receptions with a courtroom, auxiliary and service premises

- Ishrat-hauli - it included harem and mikhmankhana.

After some time, a haram was built - a family courtyard with living quarters and an utility block located along its entire perimeter.

The rich decoration of the palace is made in folk ornamental traditions. The walls are lined with colored majolica, the columns are decorated with magnificent wood carvings, and the wooden ceilings are very richly painted.

Unique finishing works were carried out by the famous Usto Tajiddin, the talented architect Kalandar, the famous master Abdullah.