Ruins of Kyrk-Kyz Khanaka. This is a very beautiful architectural structure of the 19-21 century, testifying to the high skill of the architects of that time. Unfortunately, only some fragments of its ruins have survived to this day. Kyrk-kyz is like a museum of architectural and construction experiments of the Middle Asian Middle Ages. At that time, the fortress was used as a religious abode, an inn, a caravanserai.

The name "Kyrk-Kyz" is translated as "forty girls". In ancient times, to protect the city from the raids of nomads, along with the warriors - men, warriors-women also fought. They united in detachments of forty men, usually led by the most experienced of them. In special cases, the detachments united and posed a serious threat to the enemy army. The girls were superb with weapons, carried out guard duty, were skilled scouts.

According to one of the legends, Allah, at the request of the girls themselves, turned them into stone, saving them from the "infidels".

Khanaka stands in the western part of Termez, and is a two-storey building made of mud bricks mixed with adobe. Its dimensions are 54 by 54 meters, reliable, strong towers are attached to its corners. Raw fired brick was partially used in the construction of arched ceilings. Wood was used as reinforcement, the windows were also wooden.

The building was divided into four parts, two of which consisted of five rooms. The building had a room for a refectory. Two more rooms, seven meters high, had domed ceilings. In the very center of the fortress there was a courtyard. There were fifty-two rooms in the complex. The entire space inside has a clear layout. It is divided into four parts by galleries. Dervishes are praying in the central hall.