Mausoleum of Al-Hakim-at-Termezi. This is the sacred heart of Termez. The ensemble was erected in honor of the cleverest sage and greatest scientist and writer Sheikh Abu-Abdallah-Muhammad bini-Ali bini-Hussein al-Hakimi Termezi. The people called him "Termez-ota" - "the father of Termez". Many Muslims come to the place of his burial to worship the great man.

The author of the monument was an unknown stonecutter. The beautiful colors of the blue sky of the dome of this mausoleum are visible from afar.

The scientist's tomb is made of white marble. A memorial mosque was later added to the mausoleum. Terrace is formed by a gallery with three domes and open parts on three sides and an inner courtyard paved with bricks. Its walls still have preserved ancient letters, in some places the facing of tiles of heavenly color remained.

For the celebration of the 2500th anniversary of Termez, the monument was completely restored and it is believed that from that time At-Termezi became the patron saint of the city of Termez.