Fayaz-Tepa settlement is considered a representative of Buddhist temple complexes, it is located 15 km from Termez and occupies an area of ​​about four thousand square meters. m.

It is worth paying attention to its decoration. The memorial is distinguished by a very rich painting; many sculptures have been preserved here. The floor plan of the complex is simple. Several U-shaped corridors connect cells and sanctuaries. The Buddhist stupa is located separately and it is to it that tourists are most interested.

The temple consists of separate rooms, which are connected by wide ceilings. In its main part there is a monument to Buddha. It is carved from limestone and gilded.

During the excavations, archaeologists found a lot of interesting things. These are figurines of local kings and deities, monks and Bodrisattvas who came to worship Buddha.

On the right side of the temple, a stupa with a round dome is built on a cruciform foundation.

In those days, the Fayaz-Tepa temple was also a monastery, which is confirmed by the monastic cells discovered in it, pilgrims also stopped here for rest.

In 2006, the complex, after a lengthy restoration, reopened for tourists and pilgrims. It is now considered an open-air museum.