The Jarkurgan minaret was built in 1109 according to the decree of the Sultan Sanzhar and is considered one of the oldest minarets in Uzbekistan. It is located on the territory of the Minor village, 40 km from Termez. Its author was the architect Ali ibn Muhammad.

This majestic building was part of a large cathedral mosque (now destroyed). Its height is 21.6 meters, the size of the diameter at the base is 5.4 meters, and at the top - 4.1 meters. The decoration of the minaret is brick semi-columns. There are sixteen of them. The base of the minaret is decorated with sayings from the Koran with beautiful national patterns.

Previously, the minaret building was much higher, it had a second link and was covered with a traditional domed lantern. But over time, the residents dismantled the minaret and the mosque into bricks. From the original two-tier minaret, only the lower tier remained. But, despite the fact that they have lost their former beauty, both buildings give the impression of a complete architectural structure that attracts with its beauty.