Termez is considered one of the most ancient not only among Uzbek cities, but also in Central Asia. Its location is the right bank of the Amu Darya. On the other side are the possessions of neighboring Afghanistan. According to legend, Termez was founded by the first king of Bactria - Zoroaster. For the first time its name was mentioned in the sixth century, and in 2002 the city celebrated its 2500th anniversary.

Termez is located in the very south of Uzbekistan, but despite this the climate is sharply continental, with its characteristic hot, long summers and short, but very cold winters.

Modern Termez is an administrative center in the Surkhandarya region. This area covers a vast area of ​​over twenty thousand square kilometers. The population of the region is one million nine hundred fifty-eight thousand people, of which 140 thousand live in Termez.

There is a beautiful legend of the creation of the city. It is known from historical chronicles that the settlements began to transform into a city much later, during the campaign of Alexander the Great (IV-III centuries BC), when he founded his Alexandria Oksian fortress on the site of the Bactrian fortress of Kampyrtepa.

At first Termez was called Taramastha, or Taramata, then, when it reached its greatest prosperity, the city becomes a large administrative and religious center, it gets the name - Termita.

By the X century, the city became one of the largest feudal cities. This is a large administrative, handicraft, cultural and educational center. Thanks to the construction of defensive fortifications of the citadel and the construction of a large number of monumental structures, the city acquired a true interior flavor. Termez is becoming more famous and popular, famous people come to it, all this contributes to the development of science and culture.

Termez was destroyed many times and rose again from the ashes. The last time it was almost completely destroyed during the reign of the Sheibanid dynasty.

On January 15, 1893, the Bukhara emir transferred Termez to Russia. Here they began to build a border outpost that guarded the borders of this state. New Termez acquired a new look, it became a half European, half Asian city. One-story government buildings with windows facing the street appeared. With the provision of electricity, telegraph, and the construction of a railway line, Termez turned into the main military-strategic point on the Amu Darya. However, some ancient buildings have also survived.

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Mausoleum of Al-Hakim-at-Termezi

Sultan Saodat Complex

Kyrk-Kyz ruins

Fayaz-Tepa settlement

Jarkurgan minaret

Zurmala Tower

Dalverzintepa settlement

Termez Archaeological Museum