Tashkent TV Tower. The height of this six-ton ​​beauty is 275 meters. The most complex structures were put together in 7 years, the TV tower began its work in 1985. She was soon awarded the title of a member of the International Federation of Peace Towers and is currently in the eleventh place of honor.

The main functions of the tower are television and radio broadcasting. But, at the same time, the tower attracts with its uniqueness and is visited by many tourists. Tourists get to the 100-meter mark, where the observation deck is located, using high-speed elevators.

There is also the Cosmos restaurant with two halls. Sitting in the Blue or Red Hall for an hour for a full circle of rotation around the axis of the tower, visitors get an unforgettable impression of the panorama of the metropolis located below and at the same time can taste national dishes and drinks.