The old part of Tashkent tells about the medieval times of the city and its colonial past. People of various professions lived and worked in it, who could make things necessary for a person in everyday life, and  cooked delicious Uzbek dishes.

The Chorsu market is located in this old town, and here you can buy everything: from skullcaps to national clothes for every color and taste. The air here is filled with aromas of spices and herbs, counters are full of vegetables, fruits and other oriental sweets. This market was called the heart of the city. Merchants and ordinary citizens gathered here to discuss the latest news sitting in a cozy teahouse over a cup of fragrant tea. All kinds of spectacles were often organized in the market square.

This market has changed several times in the present - this complex crowned with soaring domes is covered with rich ornamentation, the main dome structure has a diameter of 350 m and is equipped with lifts. Counters are located in the middle and upper tiers, and utility rooms are located in the lower tier.