The State Museum of the History of Uzbekistan of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan is the oldest in Central Asia. It was founded on July 12, 1876, and in our time, the museum's exposition contains over 250 thousand unique exhibits on archeology, ethnography, numismatics and culture.

The museum exposition allows visitors to learn about all the milestones in the history of the development of civilization in Central Asia, from the Stone Age and the emergence of the first states on the territory of Uzbekistan until today.

The museum also possesses rare archival materials, manuscripts, historical documents, photographs, etc., reflecting the most important stages in the history of the Uzbek people. Samples of painting, sculpture, ceramic, bronze casting, glass production, funeral cult provide an opportunity to evaluate the history of the development of culture and religion on the territory of modern Uzbekistan during various historical periods.

The material and artistic culture of Uzbekistan is presented in the exposition by masterpieces of crafts and fine arts. These are items made of bronze, ceramics, jewelry, items of a cult nature, etc.