Ak-Saray palace was the home residence of the Teymurids. For twenty years the best architects of India, Khorezm and Iran have been creating it. The palace had several courtyards, around them were common rooms, as well as living quarters. Everything inside was decorated with glaze with gold, and the front part was covered with multi-colored tiles. The yard was paved with special white slabs. The mosaic with which the portal was faced was especially gorgeous. It had a complex range of colors and an intricate ornament. From a small fenced area on the very roof of the entrance portal, a panorama of the ancient city opened up. And even the remains of the decoration of Ak-Saray, which have survived to our time, are a masterpiece of ornamental mosaic ..

But time is merciless and the once majestic monument gradually began to collapse. The largest arch at the entrance fell two centuries ago. But even today the pylons supporting it amaze the imagination with their thirty-meter height. The portal itself was decorated with inscriptions, including the following: "If you doubt our strength, take a look at our buildings!" This is how architects rightfully evaluated their work, knowing full well that their poetry, created from ganch and bricks, will live for many centuries and will leave descendants a memory of the great Tamerlane and his subjects.