Cathedral Mosque Bibi-Khanym. This is a real masterpiece of architecture. The dome is bright blue, like the sky, and the arch is like a milky way. The walls of the mosque are decorated with bright tiles and carved marble.

It was erected in the fifteenth century by order of Tamerlane, as people say - in honor of his beloved wife. Timur gave a decree on the beginning of its construction, returning with a victory after the Indian campaign. It was built in the shortest possible time - in just five years. The monumentality and pomp of the composition reminds of Timur's greatness.

This mosque is the largest in Central Asia, but it is not used for its intended purpose, because it is considered an architectural monument.

Not far from the mosque, in the mausoleum of the same time, archaeologists discovered two sarcophags, opening which they found two female bodies and, judging by the richness of their decorations, concluded that one of them is Bibi-Khanum - Tamerlane's wife.