Gur-Emir mausoleum - burial place of Timur himself and his family members. This is a real masterpiece of oriental architecture with its unique decorative elements on the walls and grandiose ribbed domes made in the form of onions.

The construction of this mausoleum began in 1403 in connection with the sudden death of Tamerlane's direct heir - his grandson Mahammad Sultan. He died in battle when he was very young. Subsequently, Timur himself, as well as his sons and grandchildren, were buried in this mausoleum.

Outside, the walls are tiled with white and light blue tiles. This construction looks simple, solemn and monumental. But the interior decoration of the mausoleum is striking in splendor and luxury. The walls are painted with blue paint with gilding, the marble panels at the bottom are decorated with friezes with carved inscriptions. During the life of Ulugbek, a dark green jade tumbstone was put on Tamerlane's grave, which used to be the throne of the descendant of Genghis Khan - Kaber Khan. The graves of Timur and all his relatives, as well as the famous teacher Mir Said Barak, are located under the floor, in the crypt.