Trading domes. In the 16th century, at the fork of the main roads of the city, three domed structures grow: the Zargaron currents, the Telpakfurushon currents, and the Sarrofon currents.

The first domed arcade - the Zargaron currents - is a vault that covers the roadway, many galleries for shops and workshops. And it was the center of the ancient Shahristan. The dome was mounted on 8 arches with a drum of sixteen windows and flat niches. Various jewelry was sold here.

To the south of this dome is another very noticeable building - Abdullakhan's Tim. It is a closed perimeter building with a main dome surrounded by a gallery with smaller domes. This building with small windows is always cool. They sell carpets and fabrics here.

Toki Telpak-Furushon Passage is built at the fork of five roads. It looks like a not very large spherical dome, which rests on 6 pylons, between which there are roads. Around the trading floor there is a gallery with storerooms and warehouses. This is a trading place for craftsmen who could sew skullcaps, fur hats and brocade turbans decorated with gold and beads.

Toki Sarrofon is located to the south of Shakhristan, near the Shahrud ditch. Compared to the previous domes, this is a small overlap, but with a large sub-dome space. Currency exchange of different countries and other financial transactions took place here, as well as skullcaps embroidered with gold, turbans, jewelry and horse harness.