The Kalyan Minaret was built in 1127 during the reign of the Karakhanid Khan Arslan, has a height of forty-six and a half meters and is considered the tallest structure in old Bukhara. The architectural complex was included in the list of eight wonders of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

This massive baked brick pillar has twelve belts, each belt has its own unique ornament. One of them reads the name of Arslan Khan. A lantern with sixteen arched openings is installed at the top of the minaret. Inside the minaret there is a spiral staircase, along which you can climb to the lantern.

Initially, the minaret served as a place for calling Muslims to Friday prayers in the mosque, but during the time of the Emir of Bukhara it began to be used as a place for public executions. Therefore, it was also called the Tower of Death.

Once a dissolute, evil and cruel shah ruled in Bukhara. His wife, as best she could, saved the innocent and defended the humiliated. When the Shah was informed that she was helping people, he ordered to throw her off the tower. But the kind woman was very smart. She asked her husband to comply with her last request and to allow her to wear all her outfits. The Shah gave permission, his wife put on all her skirts and dresses, climbed to the very top of the minaret and boldly stepped down. And what was the surprise of the people who came to say goodbye to her when the woman smoothly landed on the ground and did not crash. Struck by her courage and cunning, the Shah pardoned his wife.